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This Concrete Can Be Leveled! 

We have all seen concrete that has cracked and settled, becoming uneven and hazardous. Concrete Raising of North Carolina is a concrete repair company that specializes in leveling settled concrete. We raise and level brick steps, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, porches, pool decks, etc., for both residential and commercial customers.

There are several ways to repair sunken concrete. One is to saw and grind off the higher sections to reduce trip hazards, which can be as unsightly as the broken concrete. Another option is to remove and replace the affected area, but this is the costliest approach.

CRNC’s remedy is to fill the void underneath the damaged slab and raise it to its original position, making it level, and saving the surrounding landscape, a cost effective and earth friendly solution.
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Concrete Raising is a cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing concrete that has settled. Using a process commonly referred to as "slabjacking,” small holes are drilled in uneven concrete slabs, through which grout is pumped, gently lifting and leveling uneven surfaces. This is an earth friendly solution that preserves landscapes and existing appearances, avoiding combinations of old and new concrete sitting side by side. Contact Concrete Raising of North Carolina for a complimentary quote.


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"Very pleased with the work. Roger and Steve were very professional, did the work in a timely manner, and left my yard ready for entertaining. I would highly recommend their work.”

- Joyce B. 


"After just one meeting, they shared a vision for our concrete project that we never could have dreamed of. They completely transformed our sidewalk and far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them to anyone!"

-  James S.


“Arrived when promised. Did the job correctly the first time and left the area looking better than they found it.”

- Edward W. 

Concrete Raising of NC Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

Can all concrete be raised?
Approximately 95% of sunken concrete can be raised.

Can concrete that has been raised sink again?
We have found that approximately 5% of our jobs have continued to settle. We will return and continue to raise these slabs for one year. After that time, we will return and continue to raise for a reduced fee. This warranty is limited to settling from ¼” to 1”. More extensive settling would require additional deep grouting services.


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